Wednesday, October 17, 2012

WOW – October 17, 2012

What a week this has been.  I will admit I have been a little overwhelmed by my schedule and I still have so much to do between today and Sunday.  At least I have been having fun but soon my family will run out of clean cloths if I don’t step into the laundry room.
I did make some progress on Ian’s bed quilt I’m about 70% done with the quilting. It’s turning out nice but it’s so big and heavy that my shoulders hurt after a few hours of sewing.  I will work on it tonight for a few hours maybe I will get the quilting done by Saturday and then I can do the binding Sunday. 

Last Thursday I attended a class about reverse raw edge applique.  It was a fun day learning a very easy technique.  I finished the applique in class and now I plane to do additional quilting and some embellishments before I’m done.  I ordered some metallic black thread for some of the quilting I think it should add some interest to the piece.  

Saturday I attended a class on painting with oil paint stick on fabric and applying foil to fabric.  It was also fun and I can really see the potential for art quilts. 
Last night was my Mukilteo Lighthouse Quilters guild meeting that I organized the program and workshop for.  We had Jenny Pedigo from Sew Kind of Wonderful talking about her quilting and curve ruler.  She will be teaching us how to cut and sew the curves in a workshop this Saturday.  I will have lots of prep to do Friday to get ready for the workshop, but I’m excited for it.  Below is the fabric that I will be using at the workshop.



  1. What a wonderful quilt you have made for your son. I can't wait until you have finished completely. You will have to post a phot of it on the bed for us to see.

  2. that little plaid bluebird on your quilt is just adorable! :) sounds like you are learnig some great new techniques

  3. Reverse raw edge applique--I love it. I like the style of your bird silhouette. I like the fabric for your upcoming workshop too. Great colors.

  4. this is beautiful will be such an inspiring piece when done

  5. great quilt Lisa, and 24 quilts in 2 years?...fabulous!

    1. Seeing your comment made me realize I have not updated my profile for a while. I officially started my first quilt two years and two month ago. I just updated my list of all the quilts I have finished (you don’t want to see my UFO list) and I have made 32 quilts to date. WoHoo!!! I’m almost done with three more.