Wednesday, December 28, 2011

WOW December 28, 2011

Well the last week of 2011 hard to believe.  I have spent all day yesterday and all day today quilting my nephew Dominic’s quilt. I have been working on the quilt ever since the summer it will be so great to finally finish it and put it on his bed. I think it will take me the rest of today and all day tomorrow to finish.  It’s going very slow I have changed thread color 5 times so far and I’m still not done.

I hope everyone’s Christmas was wonderful.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

WOW – December 21, 20011

Today is my mother’s birthday so “Happy Birthday Mommy!!!!!”

I spent most of my sewing time this week making the other 19 blocks for my Peaceful Pathways quilt they look wonderful it's going to be very scrappy. I’m getting use to my new sewing machine and really enjoying it. And look i bought the backing fabric!!!

Not much more sewing going on.  I went to two Quilt Guild Christmas parties and it was fun to celebrate with my fellow quilter. 

I just want to say Marry Christmas and God Bless to everyone this weekend while they celebrate the birth of our savor.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

WOW - December 14, 2011

My new baby!

I was able to take my new sewing machine home with me last Friday I have not had that much time to play with her.  There is just enough difference between my old machines and the 830 that I will need to take the usage classes offered by my dealer and my sewing tables insert has not arrived yet.  Almost all my projects right now are hand sewing so I decided to start working on Part four of the Peaceful Pathways quilt.  I will eventually get the handwork done on part three but for now I’m going to be piecing all the 20 blocks.

Only 19 more to go!!!!
Have a great week,

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

WOW – December 7, 2011

The closer I get to Christmas the less sewing I’m going to get done.  I did not even go into my sewing room this week.  My daughter and I share the room and she has been in the mist of her finals for the quarter (she is an apparel design student) and she has taken over the room her stuff is everywhere and I did not want to stress her out by moving anything.  Last night we cleaned things up and she will be done with everything for the quarter on Friday.
I worked on my hand embroidery corner units for Peaceful Pathways but they are still not done. I will continue to work on them next week hopefully get them done.
It was my grandmothers 96th Birthday and I did bake her cake. It was an orange caret cake with cream cheese frosting and gum past flowers on top. Pretty simple put my time was limited. 

I spent even more time making biscotti this week.  I make them all year, but at Christmas I give them to so many people I have to make many extra batches.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday! I am.