Wednesday, July 6, 2016

WOW – July 6, 2016

I thought I would start off by showing you all the last cake I made for my son’s girlfriend birthday.  It was chocolate cake with berry pie filling oh so yummy!!!

So a few weeks I started this great project that was on the Moda Bakeshop website.  The quilt designer is Pamela Jane Morgan.  The blocks are so adorable I can’t seem to get enough of them.  She is releasing them two a week and I’m having a hard time every week waiting for the next blocks.

I also made some pillows for my daughter’s sofa and for her bed I like the way they turned out. 

Lastly I made a block for an exchange for one of my quilt guilds.  I used one of the splendid sampler quilt block patterns with my own design.  I think she will like it.

I’m off to Chicago next week for vacation should be a fun time.


Lisa Mortell


  1. Dear Lisa it seem months since I visited I remember your were all dressed up and wear a incredible red wig and you looked gorgeous LOL and you were working on a Harry Potter quilt. were have those months gone too? I have so enjoyed your blog today and ended up looking for Pamela's patterns as they are so so cute but I think they must be just released for a short time then removed and others added. Hopefully she puts the finished quilt pattern up for sale soon. That is some chocolate cake Lisa you would not want any thing else to eat after having some of that LOL Love the wee design of birdy and sewing machine it is very whimsical and makes me smile Cheers Glenda

    1. Glenna this is the link to the first block she has released 7 so far the next two come out on Sunday.

      I'm still working on the Harry Potter quilt I feel like it's going to be a three year project I have been working on it for 18 months now.

    2. Many thanks for the link Lisa much appreciated
      it's so cute. Cheers Glenda

  2. What do I love more? The cake, the cat? the bee? Oh they're all fab!