Wednesday, November 13, 2013

WOW November 13, 2013

I’m so excited to show you my finished sewing room.  Last Friday the carpet was installed and my husband spent about 6 hours building the new bookshelves and buffet table that we purchased for my new room.  Then Saturday he installed the window blinds and helped me move all my furniture and boxes in to the room.  I spent form 5am to 8pm putting everything away and organizing. Sunday I was gone all day so I couldn't get finished until Monday witch was Veteran’s Day and I didn't have to work.  So another 12 hours on Monday and I’m so organized.  I still have to hang quilts on the walls and make and install my design wall hoping to do that next weekend.   

I feel like the luckiest quilter in the world to have this great space to work and to be able to walk around my cutting table is wonderful before it was in a corner.  The other major improvement is having all my fabric in one place where I can see it, before it was in bins under my cutting table.  I have to say the only bad thing about that is now my husband knows how much fabric I really have. Oh well he will get over it.
Next week I will post a few more photos once I have decorated and hopefully I will actually have some sewing to show you.

Regards and have a good week.

New bookcases w/doors
New buffet table will use for thread and other odds and ends
this is the new window and my design wall will go on the big space to the left of it.
I have so much light

OMG I love my fabric!!!!!!


  1. Oh. My. Goodness! This is so beautiful! I will be stopping back to see it when it is decorated. This is one of the loveliest sewing rooms I have ever seen. Enjoy!

  2. Gorgeous room!! Lovely fabric... a wonderful quilting space! Enjoy!

  3. absolutely gorgeous! and look at all that fabric you have to work with too!

  4. Wow, fantastic room! And thanks for the inspiration to go straighten my fabrics! :)

  5. Oh wow! I love your fabric collection too. Very impressive! And the sewing room is also nice. ;)

  6. Oh wow....gorgeous room, gorgeous furniture and gorgeous fabric. Lucky girl!