Wednesday, March 16, 2016

WOW – March 16, 2016

Last weekend was my guild’s quilt show as always it was a great time.  Lots of friends, quilts and shopping. I was pretty good I brought home some green and turquoise wool that was so yummy. 
My daughter’s condo closing was delayed until this coming Monday so all the remodeling is on hold for another week.  Hopefully I can spend some time in my sewing room this weekend considering once the moving and remolding start I might not sew for weeks.
I finished the third Jen Jennifer Reynold’s BOM.  This one is my favorite so far. 

I also made a Polaroid block to finish my block swap quilt I was short one block.  I also put the quilt together and now I have to quilt it.   This will be the next top that I quilt I have three tops waiting in the wings that need to be finished right now. 

Lastly two more POD blocks eight more to go for the bookshelves part of the quilt.  I’m excited to finish this!

Have a wonderful week!


Lisa Mortell

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

WOW – March 9, 2016

So last Thursday my friend Anna that I have been making all the nursery items for had her baby three weeks early.  Everyone did fine and the baby is healthy but mom and dad were not ready thinking that they had a few more weeks to get ready.  So my husband and I ended up making a trip to Baby’s R Us for them so they could bring home our sweet little Gwendolyn. 

I finished the bumper pad’s for the crib this fabric is so cute.  Anna was going to sew the sheets herself but now that she has a newborn I think I will end up doing that. 

I also make two more sets of pillow cases everyone want’s cat pillow cases!!

Sunday I had a party for my husband’s Birthday what a busy week this has been.  I think he enjoyed himself.  This is the yummy chocolate cake I made for him!!!

The next week will be just as busy with the quilt show the next four days.  Nonstop fun and I’m going to have to figure out how to get some baby time in.


Lisa Mortell

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

WOW – March 2, 2016

We have had lots of rain the last few days and the wind was so strong that we had to take our flags of the flag pole.  Today seems to be nicer just a little sprinkle.  I have been so mentally overloaded lately with helping my daughter with buying her condo and getting ready to do a small remodel of her kitchen in her new place. Thing will be crazy for the next three weeks so I’m trying to get as much sewing done whenever I can. 

This quilt has been done for the last three weeks but I just hadn’t had time to take photos.  I will be putting this quilt in our QA quilt show this month.  I made this for my son’s girlfriend for a graduation gift I know she will like it she is very girly.  I had fun making this and I love Dresden’s now but I have to say doing the split petals makes for a lot of bulk I have lots of scraps for this because I didn’t read the instruction correctly and made twice as many petals as I needed so I will more than likely make another one to use up the scraps but not now. 


I finished Anna’s pillows for the nursery she loved them that made me happy.  Now I have to make the bumper pads and then most of the nursery will be done. My goal is to get it finished by the end of this week that way I can concentrate on my daughters move.

So about a month ago I brought home a fat quarter of this cat fabric thinking I would put it in my POD (Harry Potter) quilt well my daughter saw it and went crazy and wanted pillow cases made out of it and then my sons girlfriend was “I want them toooooo” so I went back to the store and bought fabric for the pillow cases I used the green colorway for my daughter it will go nicely with all the colors he has picked for her new place.  I stuck with the pink or Olivia.  They turned out really nice they are already on their beds.

Lastly I started a quilt a year ago called Annabelle’s Adventure by Michele Marll.  I completed all the blocks by June and then I got a wild hair (bunny joke) and decided to design my own border using elements form the different blocks.  So I drew it all out and then got distracted with other project and deadlines.  We I’m back to working on it and it’s coming out very nice.  This is the middle of the four sides of the border this is inspired by Annabelle’s flower or her head.  There will be some kites and maybe even pumpkins and apples. I’m just really glad to back to this quilt it going to be amazing when I’m done.

Forgot the last POD block I completed.

Have a wonderful week. 


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

WOW February 24, 2016

As always it seems like every week goes so fast.  I spent most of my week working on my second Sue Spargo block.  I find I’m just obsessed with these as soon as I start them and can’t seem to stop until I’m done. 

I also worked on two pillows for my friend that’s having a baby to decorate the baby’s room these will look nice on the glider.  This first one is finished and the second one is quilted but needs to be sewn to make the pillow.  I should get the pillow forms by the end of the week so I will take photos when they are stuffed.


We also had her baby shower this weekend and she loved her quilt so that was really nice to see her reaction.  Her mother-in-law hosted the shower and I made the cake I was really happy with the way it turned out yummy and beautiful at the same time. I love making these naked cakes with fresh flowers so much easier then sugar flowers and fondant.

Inside of the Cake so Yummy Vanilla sour cream cake, pastry cream, cream cheese frosting and fresh fruit.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week.


Lisa Mortell


Tuesday, February 16, 2016

WoW February 16, 2016

So again my week was devoted to my Harry Potter quilt.  I have completed quite a few more blocks.  Everyone keeps asking me who are you making this for?  Thinking that I will say for some child and I just respond it’s for me!!!

I also have good/bad personal news my daughter bought a condo and will be moving out next month.  I’m so happy and proud of her she has saved and worked so hard but on the other hand my baby, best friend and sewing partner is leaving me.  I know she is only moving seven miles away I but I will miss having breakfast together before work and just the closeness from being in the same house.  On the other hand I will have a lot more room in my house so that will be good.
Hope everyone has a wonderful week.
Lisa Mortell

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

WOW February 10, 2016

I finished the quilt that I was working on for the quilt show but unfortunately I did not get a photo yet so I will have to show you next week.  Getting that done freed me up to work on my Harry Potter quilt that I started about a year ago and it has been really neglected.  I’m excited to work on it again and I’m hoping that I can finish it this year.  These are the blocks that I finished the last two weeks. 

This is my second block for the Jennifer Reynold BOM. 


Lisa Mortell

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

WOW – January 27, 2015

Last Friday my first Block came for this year’s Sue Spargo BOM so I stitched all weekend and during my lunch breaks at work I’m about 90 percent done.  I wish I could show you a photo but you have to agree not to put photos on blogs or social media until the pattern is published.  It’s just wonderful like everything else she does.  Next year I will be able to show you when it’s all done. 

I made two receiving blankets for gifts this week.  I love making these they take about an hour and turn out so nice.

I pin basted and marked the quilt I have been working on since October for my son’s girlfriend.  I’m also putting this in our quilt show so I have to get it done by the end of February.  Hopefully I will have it done by next week’s WOW might be wishful thinking.

Back of the quilt

I have loved seeing everyone’s Hazel blocks on Facebook!! Too bad I don’t have time to make that quilt I think it will be lovely, but man do I have too many projects going right now. 

Hope everyone has a great week!


Lisa Mortell