Chloe's graduation quilt June 2011

Marco's Brain Quilt July 2011

Close up of paper piecing

Liam's Quilt and Shames

Charity Quilt 2011
I made this quilt for my niece for her graduation from high school. 2011

The Tea Pot quilt was done for my mother-in-law for Christmas 2010

Close up of one Tea Pot

Baby Quilt made for my Cousin Karen for her first Grandchild.

I made this from my cousin's DIL for a baby shower gift

Close up of my quilting this was my first time FMQ

Christmas Quilt for my Dad 2010 All Flannel

Christmas Gift for my Mom 201

Close up of the Owl

I made this for my Grandma Rose for Christmas 2010

This was my second quilt made November 2010
This was my first quilt made September 2010