Wednesday, November 6, 2013

WOW – November 6, 2013

Well it’s been two month since I have posted to my blog.  It’s also been at least six weeks since I have sewed even one stich.  My oldest son Ian moved in to his condo at the end of September and the whole family helped him and it went relatively smooth. So the beginning of October I started remodeling his room to be my new sewing studio.  I had a contractor install a new window and an electrician put in 14 lights.  I will never have a hard time seeing again.  Next my husband and dad installed crown molding and my husband and myself painted.  Tomorrow is the big day the new carpet gets installed and that is the last thing that needs to be done before I can move in.  Now my daughter Chloe and I will not be sharing rooms anymore she will continue to have the room downstairs and I will be moving upstairs.

These are some before and during photos I will post the after photos next week.  Then I will have to make up all that sewing that I wasn’t doing the last six weeks. 

Have a great week!



Before very dark only one window one light

Room is approx. 17x17

I will be putting my sewing machine in front of this window.

New lights and more power!!!

getting ready to put the window in.

I have the best husband!

Almost done with the painting


  1. Oh what fun you will have in your new room.

  2. WOW lucky you, its looks really good. Linda

  3. oh I love the canister lights, and you can never have too much light at night. I have my machine facing the window too, and it's nice to look up and rest your eyes on the distance. There is a glare sometimes though... but still the view of nature is worth it.
    Love your combo of creative endeavors.
    LeeAnna Paylor