Wednesday, September 4, 2013

WOW – September 4, 2013

Can’t believe its September already. This year has gone so fast.  Ian and I have our birthdays in a week and you know you are getting old when your son turns 23 and is buying his own place.  We had a meeting yesterday with the loan officer and everything is approved and now just has to go to escrow.  Ian and I have accomplished so much in the last three weeks.  The closing is September 26th and he will be moving in on the 28th. 
I found a photo on my camera of the dress that I made Catherine.  It was not complete when I took this you can see pins on her shoulders but better than no photo. 

I still managed to get quite a bit of sewing done this week.  I finished the fourth Chateau Hexagon block.  It came in the mail on Saturday and I had it done before I went to bed that night couldn’t help myself. 

I have made a little progress on the second block to my house quilt. Sill quite a lot of sewing to do on this one. 

Monday my husband went fishing and the kids went to PAX so I had the house to myself and I decided to put the top together for my Betsy’s Closet quit.  I forgot how nice the fabrics I picked were they have been sitting in a bin waiting to be made in to something for months now.  This photo is kind of strange because I had it over another quilt on my design wall.  I will have to take better photos of this it’s so cute. 
Lastly my Dr. Who quit center is complete and I started working on the border. 

I wanted to share with you a few photos of my daughter Chloe.  She made this costume for PAX this weekend.  It’s the character Alice form a video game.  The blood is just paint no real killing going on.  I think she did such a great job making this character come to life. I took the close up of her so you could see her eyes she used contacts to make her eyes a different color.

Ok everyone have a wonderful week.  I’m going crazy over everyone’s Love Entwined quits.




  1. I love your daughter's cosplay! I'm also a cosplayer and make my own costumes, just as a sort of side project, it's so fun! She did an incredible job on Alice, I'm sure she was a total hit at PAX!

  2. Chloe did an awesome job with Alice - the coloured contacts really completes the costume.

  3. Lisa, I really love the Betsy's Closet quilt top. That would be so perfect for a baby shower for a little girl.

  4. What a beautiful dress!! Did you make up your own pattern as well?

    1. I started with a pattern but had to make a lot of alterations due to Catherine being so short. I also changed the construction methods because most of the patterns you buy don't have you use steel boning. Chloe completely drafted the Alice Pattern herself, but that is what she went to college for. She is going to start drafting a pattern for me for an Eleanor Dress (The mom in the Brave movie) She will be doing Merida and we will were them at Comic Con this spring.