Tuesday, December 6, 2011

WOW – December 7, 2011

The closer I get to Christmas the less sewing I’m going to get done.  I did not even go into my sewing room this week.  My daughter and I share the room and she has been in the mist of her finals for the quarter (she is an apparel design student) and she has taken over the room her stuff is everywhere and I did not want to stress her out by moving anything.  Last night we cleaned things up and she will be done with everything for the quarter on Friday.
I worked on my hand embroidery corner units for Peaceful Pathways but they are still not done. I will continue to work on them next week hopefully get them done.
It was my grandmothers 96th Birthday and I did bake her cake. It was an orange caret cake with cream cheese frosting and gum past flowers on top. Pretty simple put my time was limited. 

I spent even more time making biscotti this week.  I make them all year, but at Christmas I give them to so many people I have to make many extra batches.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday! I am.


  1. Your Grandma's cake looks stunning, simple is elegance. Those flowers say it all. Cheers Glenda

  2. Wow you have been busy. Your gum paste flowers look really great, I would be delighted to enjoy a cake so beautifully decorated.

    Biscuits? how generous. I think biscotti always taste better home made. I wish I had the patience to.

    I know what you mean about the sewing wind down. I have been tidying up and getting my sewing area tidy for the end of year, as from today I will be doing less and less.

    Yes I am enjoying the holiday too, I love Christmas.

  3. Your cake is lovely! And your biscotti looks mouth watering! Care to share your recipe?