Tuesday, November 29, 2011

WOW- November 30, 2011

I’m very happy with what I accomplished this week. Thanksgiving was wonderful and my dinner turned out great.  I always like when it’s my turn to host Thanksgiving you get to keep the leftovers!!!
I finished my very last Affairs of the Heart block Thirty-six blocks completed when I started this quilt in April and the first block took me 12 hours I thought well maybe I will make four blocks and use them for a wall hanging or something, and here I am almost done with the entire quilt. I spent most of the day on Sunday putting the blocks together.  Now I have to start the border and I’m not going to using the one in the book.  I have decided to design my own because the fabric I’m using has inspired me to show it off better than the pattern would. The only problem with this is I keep changing my mind I have done a few samples and I keep tweaking it. Maybe next week I will have something to show you for the border.

I’m so happy that I had time to work on my Peaceful Pathways quilt because I’m still not done with part three.  I was able to complete one of my corner blocks and got working on the second.  I decided to use the alternative design that Esther included with the pattern because I’m doing hand embroidery and have a more rustic scrappy feel to my project. I also needle turned hearts in the embroidery.  I hope I can finish the rest of these corner units this upcoming week.

The most wonderful thing that happened to me this week was my husband told me that I could have the sewing machine I have wanted to purchase for two years.  Financially the timing was right and he surprised me with taking me to order it so it will come for Christmas, but he wanted me to come with to make sure he ordered it the way I wanted it.  So sometime next week my new Bernina 830 LE should be delivered to the dealer.  I still cannot believe that it will be mine.  This is why I decided not to quilt Dominic’s quilt top yet.  I want to wait and use my new machine with its 12 inches of room instead of the 7 inches my Artista 200 has.

I also want to mention how beautiful Esther's new quilt pattern is just stunning!!! What a Christmas gift hope my good fortune dose not end.
I hope everyone had a wonderful week!


  1. I absolutely adore this quilt. I can't wait to see what you decide on for the borders.

  2. Your Affairs of the Heart quilt is beautiful - so much work!

  3. WOW indeed! What a gorgeous quilt you have stitched. I can imagine the first block took you 12 hours, but it is SO worth it!

    Thank you for sharing.

  4. Affairs of the Heart -- stunning!

  5. Well first your HUBBY is a keeper. Congratulations on a new Baby coming to you. Now that quilt is just stunning. And your hand embroidery is awesome. Way to go girl.

  6. That heart corner looks familiar! And yours looks especially special...

    The Affairs of The Heart Quilt is beautiful!

    You have been really busy, and a new machine (!!) is going to inspire to you do even more.

  7. Love your quilt. And your peaceful pathway heart is going to be really cute.

  8. Your Heart quilt is a gorgeous quilt. Such inspiration.

  9. The applique quilt is gorgeous - good work. And goodness, that is a lot of biscotti!

  10. Wow! The AOTH quilt is FABULOUS!! That is a lot of biscotti! What a nice gift!