Monday, November 14, 2011

WOW – November 16, 2011

Another week mostly dedicated to finishing my AOTH Quilt.  I completed another two blocks this week only two more to go.  I love these fabrics they keep me inspired to keep sewing. 

I took some time out this week to work up a pattern for a bag that my quilt guild will be making for a local charity called Safe Place.  They are a children’s shelter for kids that have not been placed in a foster home yet.   My first go at the pattern had to be corrected that is why I made two I wanted to make sure it was correct. It should be simple for anyone to complete now that I have tweaked the pattern.
My goal this Wednesday is to work on my nephews quit I’m really close to being able to put it together. We will see what I can get done.
Lisa Mortell


  1. Your affairs of the heart quilt blocks are lovely. They are going to make a beautiful quilt.

  2. I love these blocks! Very pretty :o)

  3. I think in all your squares you do a great job of picking fabrics. That to me is an art.

  4. These blocks are really interesting, I just keep looking at them. It's going to be a stunning quilt if these blocks are anything to go by