Tuesday, February 16, 2016

WoW February 16, 2016

So again my week was devoted to my Harry Potter quilt.  I have completed quite a few more blocks.  Everyone keeps asking me who are you making this for?  Thinking that I will say for some child and I just respond it’s for me!!!

I also have good/bad personal news my daughter bought a condo and will be moving out next month.  I’m so happy and proud of her she has saved and worked so hard but on the other hand my baby, best friend and sewing partner is leaving me.  I know she is only moving seven miles away I but I will miss having breakfast together before work and just the closeness from being in the same house.  On the other hand I will have a lot more room in my house so that will be good.
Hope everyone has a wonderful week.
Lisa Mortell

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  1. Great progress, and I totally understand why this is for you! I have such wonderful memories of reading Harry Potter with my daughter and then eventually going to see the movies together. It's something that we shared and it's very special to me. I can also relate to your feelings about your daughter's up coming move. My daughter just started college and I know that day is coming when she'll move away, but there's a part of me that hopes it never happens. Ugh. But most of me will be so proud and happy to see her become the woman I know she will be. Oh, it's never easy being a mom, is it?