Wednesday, June 24, 2015

WOW – June 24, 2015

This week is going so fast hard to believe its Wednesday already.  My husband has been out of town all week for work so I have been doing some mindless sewing whale watching Orange is the New Black. Have to say I’m a little addicted to that show right now.  I’m a few episodes into the second season.

So when I first started quilting four years ago I bought so many book and one of them was The Civil War Sewing Circle.  I feel in love with this book and as a new quilter I got very excited and signed to buy kits for many of the quilts in the book.  That being said I never made one of them so last Sunday I pulled out one of the kits for a doll quilt and started sewing it was fun to make a quilt that you could finish in a day so then Monday and last night I made two more.  They are so fun and I’m enjoying using these fabrics I normally don’t use. I think I still have three more of these kits someday I will finish all of them. 

Saturday my husband and I drove to Olympia to meet my daughter and her boyfriend at the SCA event they were attending.  We had fun and meet some really nice people and got to where our new dresses.   I have included a close up of the neck line you can see the chemise I made to go under it.  Chloe patterned the collars to be the same so just the trim would show.  We have a store that sells the best trims in Seattle and the one I used was vintage. 

I’m down to only two weeks before my son’s wedding so I might not be doing much sewing we will see it’s hard for me to stay out of my sewing room. 

Have a wonderful week.




  1. I read your little bio that says you started quilting 5 years ago and have finished 51 quilts!! That is really ambitious!! Got here from your Freshly pieced link for WIP Wednesday. Have fun on your son's wedding day! I have three married son's and one married daughter already. One more so to go but no girl in sight yet.

  2. Your little doll quilts are just beautiful. Congratulations on these finishes.

  3. Well done, you've really achieved a lot. I love your costumes too, I was wondering how they would look on and they look wonderful.