Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wow – June 17, 2015

The last few week my daughter and I have been sewing like mad women. She is a member of the SCA and has been trying to get a few garments done for her boyfriend and herself for the summer events they have been attending.  We have made seven garments so far and I’m working on two more for myself.
The green dress if for my daughter the wool one we made her was to hot so we opted for some really nice linen with a crochet trim.  The blue dress is for me I still need to get the sleeves done and hem and lace. I also will be making a slip to go with it tonight.  I have to have this all done by Saturday for an event I'm going to.  I really love the way the dress is turning out. 

We are also working on new dresses for the Renaissance Fair in August and one of our friends that doesn't sew wanted an outfit. We have been teaching her and she finished her skirt and I have been making the bodice for her it’s a little too complicated for a beginner.  I’m close to being done but it’s on hold until I get that blue dress done. (by the way it's silk so pretty)

Lastly I have a quit to show everyone.  I finished this about three weeks ago for a friend of my daughter that is having a baby girl.  I love this quilt so much I hate to give it away.  Dose that happen to any of you? 

Well have a wonderful week.



  1. I have made quilts specifically for Project Linus, and then liked them so much that I held on to them for a year... Finally decided I shouldn't be so clingy. Donated them then. They always have a need.
    I love your quilt, too, and the new little one will love it. You can always make another....

  2. Your baby quilt is gorgeous. I like that it's a little scrappy. I can imagine how hard it would be to give it away. The green dress with the lace at the color is fabulous!

  3. Your Baby Chick Quilt is adorable! I have my top done, but am thinking of quilting it like chicken wire and need to get a template for it....

  4. Love that you used all chicks for the quilt!!

  5. Love that chick quilt! I understand about it being hard to give cute stuff away. Sometimes I just need to hold onto it for awhile, then I can give it away.

  6. Your gorgeous chickadee quilt has stolen my heart, honestly I'd have difficulty parting with it too! ITS GORGEOUS!