Tuesday, February 3, 2015

WOW – February 3, 2015

I’m feeling really proud of myself I’m posting to my blog two weeks in a row!  Well this weekend was very disappointing for all the 12th men hear in Seattle but that being said we are still really proud of our Seahawks.   

I had another productive week of sewing I finished another charity quilt for Safe Place this one I only did the quilting.  This quilt top was donated to my quilt guild so I volunteered to finish it. Its needle turn, embroidery and fabric painting very cute.  I did a simple all over quilting and something different inside each of the applique blocks. I had the perfect fabric for the binding little pink and red cherries.

This is the third and fourth block of my Project of Doom quilt. So far I’m keeping up with the block a week schedule. 

Lastly I have been working on finishing all my UFO I started this quilt December 2013 I still needed put all the blocks together.  I should have this top ready to quilt this week not sure when I will quilt it but hopefully in the next few weeks.

Have a wonderful week!


Lisa Mortell

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