Tuesday, January 27, 2015

WOW – January 27, 2015

Seattle weather has been absolutely wonderful it felt like spring yesterday the sun was out and the view out my office window of Lake Union was amazing.  Well again it’s been many week since I have posted on my blog.  I have accomplished quite a lot of sewing in the last month.  I finished my Sue Spargo wool quilt and it’s all ready for the quilt show in March. I can’t show any photos of this quilt yet because Sue has not published the pattern she expects this to happen in April so as soon as I’m able I will show you photos. I’m really proud of this quilt it was so many hours of work over the last year.  

I completed three more blocks of my Annabelle’s Adventures quilt only two more to go I have to wait until next week to get the final two patterns.

I started a new quilt that I have wanted to make for over two years I even purchased some fabric for this quilt and never stated.  The original quit was a sew a long on Fandom in Stitches blog in 2011 to make a wonderful Harry Potter quilt.  I discovered it after it was done but saved all the patterns.  Well in December Fandom in Stitches announced they would be doing this sew a long again due to so many people requesting it. So I decided this was my time to start this awesome quit.  I have finished the first two blocks except I still have a little embroidery on the second block to the purple book.   I still have some work to do on the third block I will show you when it’s done.

Lastly I made two charity quits for Safe Place (It’s a local children’s shelter for when children are taken away from the home in crisis and there is no foster home to place them in.)

Hope everyone has a wonderful productive week!


Lisa Mortell


  1. I love the sweet rabbits they are very cute

  2. What gorgeous blocks, I just adore the happiness in these quilts

  3. You have been busy! Love your charity quilts - very cheerful.

  4. Anabelle is so awesome. I'm completely in love with her and the other characters of her creative world! I particularly like your kite block selections - such a nice fabric play there!