Wednesday, January 9, 2013

WOW January 9, 2013

I’m very excited to do my first WOW post of 2013.  I feel like I have been so bad at keeping up on posting my work in progresses lately and showing you thing long after I finished them. I’m actually showing you what I did this week.
So I got my sewing machine back yesterday and finished up three of the little bags I was working on.  I plan to make more of these they are so fun and very fast compared to everything else that I find myself doing.

This weekend I spent hand sewing on a project.  I’m going to show you just a peek at it because it’s a challenge quilt for my local quilt show.  I will have to show you the finished quilt after the show.  I don’t think I have ever had as much fun on a project as this one.  Do you know what this is?

Have a great week,


  1. Love your little bags they are adorable. It is always nice to make easy fast projects. I can't guess on your last photo.

  2. Hmmm... Re the last photo - I've always said I need one of those as my sewing room is never big enough! I wonder WHO will guess what you are working on???? Cheers.

  3. Your little bags are super cute.Hard to choose one favorite!!

  4. Oh, I know. Is that Tardis on fabric or did you applique it? DH would love something like that.

    1. I ordered shot cotton from Oakshott in blue and blue and black for the side to give the shadow effect. I’m doing needle turn applique and hand embroidery to make the TARDIS the background is all silks and other sparkly prom dress fabric.