Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WOW-January 18, 2012

Snow Snow Snow!!! We don’t get snow very often in Seattle and it tends to shut down the city.  We are completely trapped at home right now with about 6-8 inches of show. We live 15 miles north of the Seattle in Lynnwood. I was able to get to my office yesterday to get everything I might need to work from home the rest of the week.  My quilt guild meeting was cancelled last night and so is the other meeting I have tonight. So I guess there is no reason to leave the house.  My husband went to the store yesterday and got us food to last a month.

My plane was to go get Dominic’s quilt yesterday to photograph and take for show and tell to my guild meeting and have photos to show you all. Well I never left the house yesterday after my car got stuck in the snow at the bottom of our street.  My husband got it out and in the garage but I don’t think he trust me to drive until the snow is gone. He can’t believe how people cannot drive in the snow hear.  He is from Chicago and it snows a lot but it’s very flat everywhere you go, our street is very steep and you can’t avoid hills anywhere in this area. 
Well last week I had one of my borders done for my AOTH quilt now I have the rest done.  I still have lots of embroidery to do and the corners once I put the borders on.  I’m going to milder the corners and then do the applique.

I hope everyone has a great week looks like I will be snowed in until Friday.

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  1. Love your borders. Nice to be snowed in sometime.