Wednesday, September 28, 2011

WOW- September 28, 2011

I missed my sewing machine this week it was in for servicing and I picked it up last night.  I was so excited to put it in my new table with the insert that fits my machine.  My husband also built me a matching cutting table.  It’s so sturdy and he did a wonderful job we moved it in the room last night.

I used my daughters Juki to do the piecing on my Peaceful Pathways center unit and then I finished the hand needle turn on the hearts.  I’m really happy with the way they turned out.  I decided to wait for my machine to finish the center it will be on my agenda for this coming week.
I also finished my Henrietta Whiskers top I love this quilt and it’s going to hang on the wall in my kitchen eating area when it’s done.  Not sure when I will have time for the quilting hopefully soon.

Lisa Mortell

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WOW – September 21, 2011

Last Thursday was my 45th birthday and I spent the entire day at a quilting workshop that I learned a quilt as you go method.  Being a fairly new quilter I had no idea how it worked.  It’s really fun and you get to see results quickly.  So I spent most of my free time this week trying to finishing the quilt that I started at the workshop I was hoping to finish it today when my sewing machine started to make a strange noise so I decided I better bring it in.  So now I will be without a machine with a walking foot for a week.  I can use my old machine for piecing so maybe I will get started on my center blocks for Peaceful Pathways.  
The other fun thing that happened this week was my husband bought me a real sewing table for my birthday.  I was so excited I have wanted a table that my machine can sit down in ever since I started quilting.  But now I will have to wait to get my sewing machine back to use it.  Oh well just looking at it makes me happy.  My husband is also working on making me a custom cutting table as well. He bought all the supplies last night and I think he will get started on it this week.  So I will have perfect sewing room soon.

with my old machine sitting on top

All in all this last week has been great.  I guess turning 45 isn’t so bad.
Regards – Lisa

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WOW- September 14, 2011

This was a very productive week for me my work load was light and I had a few days that I was home early and I spent all of it quilting. I worked on three different projects this week first I finished all my Peaceful Pathways HST and the last of my embroidery. 

The second think that I accomplished was progress on my nephew Dominic’s STALKER quilt that I’m designing myself. 

The last thing I worked on was my final block and border for my Henrietta Whiskers BOM. 

I really need to get back to work on my Affairs of the Heart Quilt, but I feel like I need to get Dominic’s quilt done before I finish my last ten blocks.  

Have a great week! Regards Lisa Mortell  

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

WOW for September 7, 2011

This was a very busy week for me with so much to do to help my three children get ready for another school year.  I was able to focus on finishing a quilt that I started about a month ago for my sister’s birthday in October. I had completed the top and it was awaiting quilting. So Saturday I decided to do the quilting and Sunday finish it up with the binding and washing it. I used pearl cotton and my walking foot on this one and I really like the results.  I think this quilt has a very rustic feel and I know my sister will love it.

I also almost finished my final three embroidery blocks for peaceful pathways.  I still have to do the outline on one block and I need to go to the store today to get more embroidery floss.  Now I have to get all the HST done.
I’m also hoping to focus next week on finishing another quilt I had started for my nephew for his birthday and still have not finished it.  The problem with this quilt is I started it without knowing exactly what the finished product would look like and I have been struggling with it.  Wish me lots of inspiration.