Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WOW – September 21, 2011

Last Thursday was my 45th birthday and I spent the entire day at a quilting workshop that I learned a quilt as you go method.  Being a fairly new quilter I had no idea how it worked.  It’s really fun and you get to see results quickly.  So I spent most of my free time this week trying to finishing the quilt that I started at the workshop I was hoping to finish it today when my sewing machine started to make a strange noise so I decided I better bring it in.  So now I will be without a machine with a walking foot for a week.  I can use my old machine for piecing so maybe I will get started on my center blocks for Peaceful Pathways.  
The other fun thing that happened this week was my husband bought me a real sewing table for my birthday.  I was so excited I have wanted a table that my machine can sit down in ever since I started quilting.  But now I will have to wait to get my sewing machine back to use it.  Oh well just looking at it makes me happy.  My husband is also working on making me a custom cutting table as well. He bought all the supplies last night and I think he will get started on it this week.  So I will have perfect sewing room soon.

with my old machine sitting on top

All in all this last week has been great.  I guess turning 45 isn’t so bad.
Regards – Lisa


  1. I can promise you it gets better every year!!!!! Sounds like you have a wonderful hubby too!!!! I'm looking forward to your photos of Esther's centre. Glenda

  2. Happy Birthday, what a wonderful hubby to get you a sewing table it looks gorgeous. You will so enjoy it when you machine is home. Have fun your quilt is beautiful.