Wednesday, September 7, 2011

WOW for September 7, 2011

This was a very busy week for me with so much to do to help my three children get ready for another school year.  I was able to focus on finishing a quilt that I started about a month ago for my sister’s birthday in October. I had completed the top and it was awaiting quilting. So Saturday I decided to do the quilting and Sunday finish it up with the binding and washing it. I used pearl cotton and my walking foot on this one and I really like the results.  I think this quilt has a very rustic feel and I know my sister will love it.

I also almost finished my final three embroidery blocks for peaceful pathways.  I still have to do the outline on one block and I need to go to the store today to get more embroidery floss.  Now I have to get all the HST done.
I’m also hoping to focus next week on finishing another quilt I had started for my nephew for his birthday and still have not finished it.  The problem with this quilt is I started it without knowing exactly what the finished product would look like and I have been struggling with it.  Wish me lots of inspiration.


  1. She will love it, what a generous and beautiful gift! And now you're doing it again for your nephew! Your Peaceful Pathways texts are looking good too. You have been busy!

  2. Wow, 19 quilts in one year!!! A job, and three children?? We will be calling you superwoman! Nice blog!

  3. I just love your quilt. Your pp blocks are wonderful too. Thanks for following my blog.