Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WOW – March 14, 2012

Hello all I’m happy to post my WOW this week last week was so crazy that I had no time.  Well I’m doing the happy dance!!!   Last week I finished my Affairs of the Heart quilt and I’m very happy with the way it all came together.  That quilt represents so many first for me and I learned a lot, as always there are things that I would do differently but overall I’m proud of myself.  I estimated over 700 hours of my time in this quilt. I dropped it off yesterday for the quilt show that is this weekend I’m so excited to see it hanging up.  I have not taken any photos of the completed quilt because I figure I would do it at the show while it was hanging.  So next week I will post lots of photos.
With AOTH done I made lots of progress on my Peacefully Pathways quilt. I finished everything except the last boarder.  I have decided to do needle turn hearts instead of the paper pieced hearts in the pattern I think this will look better with my corners.  I plane to work on them tonight.  I’m getting close to the finish line on this one.

My quilting group had a block swap for Valentine’s Day and I decided to use the blocks for a charity quilt for the foster child organization that we donate to.  I think this turned out cute and will work well for a little girl. I will quilt this next week if I have time with a simple overall design of hearts.

As always have a great week!

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