Wednesday, October 5, 2011

WOW-October 5th 2011

This year is going so fast I find it hard to believe its October already.  I had a great week and I finished a few projects and took a really interesting class on how to bead with your sewing machine. As soon as I got my sewing machine back I went back to work on my QAYG project and I finished it.  Really happy with the way this turned out the colors are great and the quilt was fun to make.

This is the samples of the beading class that I took. The right sample is the beads on the top of the fabric and the left is putting the beads underneath the fabric.  I plane to add beads to the top and then cut it down and put a binding on it.

I finished my Peaceful Pathways Part two this week and I’m pretty happy with it. Looking forward for the next step.

Lastly I finally did a block to my Affairs of the Heart Quilt I have not picked it up for 8 week and I really need to get busy on it. So I finished this block last night and I plane to work on another one today.

Hope everyone had a great week.
Lisa Mortell  


  1. Great quilt and beading that must have been fun. Love your PP wish I could work on mine.

  2. How pretty - on your Affairs of the Heart - what technique did you use for the applique?

  3. What a productive week. I have AOTH pattern, but need to finish others first.